Interpersonal Psychotherapy Group for Men

Welcome To Our Men's Group

This process group for men meets with a focus on improving the member’s interpersonal relationships in their lives, particularly with other men. Each member comes to group to work on specific interpersonal goals, and the leader will foster and support them towards achieving their group goals. Typical goals are focused around men’s issues, anxiety, low self-esteem, social isolation, family challenges, career or financial concerns, and difficulty with forming lasting relationships. 

This group is long-term and open-ended. The group leaders will challenge the group members to focus on here-and-now interactions between each other as they occur in the group room. Exploring these interactions can feel uncomfortable at first, but will allow you to more fully understand yourself and others. It will also help you improve your abilities to form authentic connections with other individuals, both inside and outside of the group room.

By taking risks and working on your goals in a supportive, confidential, and safe group environment, you can better learn how to negotiate interpersonal conflicts in your life. You can also gain invaluable feedback on unconscious behaviors that might be pushing other people away from you rather than bringing them closer. The goal of this group is to help you build more meaningful and fulfilling interpersonal relationships in your everyday life.

When: Thursdays, 8:15am-9:30am

Where: 2000 P St NW, Suite 408, Washington, DC 20036

Group Leader: David A. Heilman, Psy.D.