Couples Therapy DC

Is Couples Therapy A Good Idea For Us?

Couples therapy is an ideal option for your romantic relationship if

  • You are feeling disconnected from your partner
  • You are fighting a lot and want to find ways to resolve conflicts more effectively
  • Your relationship feels as though it could end at any moment, and you would like to save it from doing so
  • You have children and want to be a good role model and show them what healthy relationships look like
  • You feel satisfied in your relationship, but want to make it even better

Many times couples avoid relationship therapy until a deep upset occurs, or painful fights seem to repeat themselves on an endless loop. However, couples counseling can be immensely helpful anytime in a romantic relationship. Our work can yield immense positive results that you, your partner, and your children can appreciate and notice for years to come.

What Will We Focus On In Couples Therapy?

During our time together in couple therapy, we will focus on skill-building for you and your partner in the following areas:

  • Finding new ways to see the positives in your relationship, and being able to know what you are getting as well as giving in your relationship
  • Being able to identify unconscious patterns and cyclical behaviors that are damaging to your relationship
  • Building a new frame in your relationship to bring back passion and feelings of intimacy into the relationship
  • Nurturing positive change in yourself and your partner in order to move away from less effective ways of communicating with your partner

How Should We Be Preparing For Couples Therapy?

Do your best to come in with an open mind and heart. Quite often when a new couple enters therapy, one of the members is more motivated to be there than the other. This happens frequently, where one of the members feels the relationship is in worse shape than the other or urgently feels that “something has to change.”

If you have reached this point, you will get the most out of our work together by remaining open and honest about your experiences with your partner and how you are feeling in the relationship. I also welcome your sharing of any doubts or concerns around the therapy process, and to inquire about how couples therapy works. Walking through the door into therapy can be a difficult step, and I want to make the experience as comfortable as possible. Our goal is to create a warm and non-judgmental space in which you feel safe enough to express yourself and your needs.