Couples Therapy & Relationship Therapy

Relationships and Maintaining Connection

Impediments to closeness in relationships can show up as anger, grief, loss, resentment, conflict, and feelings of disconnection. Through our work together in therapy, we’ll come to get a clearer idea of your current relational patterns and how these have developed over time. Without specific examination, we each tend to relate to others in the same manner as we did when we were younger. By examining ways you learned to be in relationships, often as early as in your family of origin, we will look at ways you may be able to change these deeply embedded patterns. Although we are built to need connection and intimacy, the way we have learned to communicate with others via past relationships may push the current feelings of connection we seek away. Over time, you will be able to stop yourself from behaving in older more automatic ways, and choose more adaptive ways of communicating with those closest to you. This will result in feeling closer, safer, and more confident in your relationships. 

Do you feel lonely in your relationship(s)? Do often feel unheard by your partner(s)?

Whether in individual or couples therapylet me help you find ways to improve your feelings of security and intimacy within your romantic relationships.

Treatment Modalities Offered For Improving Relationships

Various treatment modalities can be helpful for improving your relationships, both romantic and otherwise. Contact me to schedule an initial consultation session, and we will work together to see which of these modalities might be helpful to you: