David A. Heilman, Psy.D.

LGBTQIA+ Relationship Counseling

LGBTQIA+ Relationship Counseling

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, +, Couples Counseling / Relationship Counseling in Washington, DC

Challenges for LGBTQIA+ Couples/Relationships in Counseling

  • How can we improve or restore our trust in each other?
  • How do we improve our sexual relationship?
  • Should we open up our relationship?
  • Should we get married?
  • Should we have children?
  • How can we resolve family relationships that are too intense or feel unfixable?
  • How can I help my partner hear what I am saying?

Whether you are just dating, married, living together, or have been together for decades, LGBTQIA+ couples/relationships face challenges just like any other couple, but with additional developmental and cultural challenges that being LGBTQIA+ brings. For example, although this is changing somewhat, most LGBTQIA+ people did not have affirmative role models growing up. This complicates the process of relating to others in healthy ways, and relationship-focused therapy can help change this. 

You Deserve To Be Heard In Your Relationship

When romantic partners in a relationship are unhappy, healthy emotional communication often comes to a grinding halt. This results in unmet needs, fighting, and the challenging of boundaries within the relationship. In couples/relationship counseling, I help you learn new ways of communicating with one another, in addition to exploring new ways of relating to each other, that can help you reconnect on a deeper level surrounding what you really need and desire from each other. 

I know that your relationship has not always felt like this. Let me help you relate to each other in a loving, enriching way that will solidify you as a couple. If you love each other, let me help you find your way back to feeling connected.

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