• LGBTQ Relationship Counseling: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning, Couples Counseling / Relationship Counseling in Washington, DC

  • Challenges for LGBTQ Couples/Relationships in Counseling

    This is a photo of two men who are assumed to be lovers and are holding hands.
    • How can we improve or restore our trust in each other?
    • How do we improve our sexual relationship?
    • Should we open up our relationship?
    • Should we get married?
    • Should we have children?
    • How can we resolve family relationships that are too intense or feel unfixable?
    • How can I help my partner hear what I am saying?

    Whether you are just dating, married, living together, or have been together for decades, LGBTQ couples/relationships face challenges just like any other couple, but with additional developmental and cultural challenges that being LGBTQ brings. For example, although this is changing somewhat, most LGBTQ people did not have affirmative role models growing up. This complicates the process of relating to others in healthy ways, and relationship-focused therapy can help change this. 

  • You Deserve To Be Heard In Your Relationship

    When romantic partners in a relationship are unhappy, healthy emotional communication often comes to a grinding halt. This results in unmet needs, fighting, and the challenging of boundaries within the relationship. In couples/relationship counseling, I help you learn new ways of communicating with one another, in addition to exploring new ways of relating to each other, that can help you reconnect on a deeper level surrounding what you really need and desire from each other. 

    I know that your relationship has not always felt like this. Let me help you relate to each other in a loving, enriching way that will solidify you as a couple. If you love each other, let me help you find your way back to feeling connected.

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