• Interpersonal Psychotherapy Group For Gay Men

  • Welcome To Our Gay Men's Group

    As gay men, we can encounter loneliness and isolation, difficulty meeting other gay men for romantic partners or friends, substance abuse, familial challenges, difficulty navigating open relationships, and impediments to finding joy, meaning, and purpose in our lives.

    Additionally, within our own community, we tend to reject those who do not fit neatly into gay societal norms. All too often, we feel left out, judged, and miss out on a sense of belongingness.

    We plan to meet to explore these issues within the gay community. This group will be co-led by gay male therapists David A. Heilman, PsyD, and Matthew Schottland, PsyD.

    Goals for the group include:

    • Increase self-awareness and feelings of connection within in your interpersonal relationships.
    • Improve feelings of belongingness and relatedness to other gay men.
    • Exploration of relationship experiences, coming out, discrimination, and your role in society as a gay man.

    When: Wednesdays, from 8:15am-9:30am

    Where: In Dupont Circle at 1801 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20009

    Group Leaders: David A. Heilman, Psy.D., and Matthew Schottland, Psy.D.

  • Dr. Heilman's Research on Group Psychotherapy with Gay Men

    To read Dr. Heilman's recent article in the International Journal of Group Psychotherapy on the benefits of group therapy for gay men, please click here.

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