ADHD Treatment for Adults: ADHD Coaching & Psychotherapy

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): ADHD Treatment for ADHD in Adults

Pioneering author Edward (Ned) Hallowell, M.D., famously notes that the name “attention deficit disorder” is really a misnomer, that should instead be referred to as “attention surplus disorder.” In fact, people with ADHD often have so much attention for the tasks they are passionate about that they end up being some of the most creative and inventive thinkers of all time. ADHD treatment should keep this in mind. Individuals such as Albert Einstein, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Thomas Edison have all been credited as likely having ADHD minds.

These individuals were able to harness the power of their creative and quick minds, and I hope to join you on your journey to harness the inherent creativity within your own. I began working extensively with clients with ADHD several years back and combined psychotherapy and coaching-style techniques to explore and combat multiple symptoms of ADHD. I began to notice that the coaching work helped with time management, habit building, and taking on too many projects, while psychotherapy helped with emotion regulation concerns and procrastination tendencies common in ADHD. Additionally, multiple studies have shown that individuals with ADHD tend to experience emotions more intensely than individuals without ADHD, and our working together can help with creating skills for better managing intense feelings.

Together we can meet for an initial consultation session, and form an individualized plan to best suit your goals and needs. 

Do I Need To Take Medication To Treat My ADHD?

Although ADHD is known as the single most treatable psychiatric condition, stimulant medications are only effective for approximately 80% of individuals with ADHD. If medication is something you would like to explore, I work closely with several excellent psychiatrists who specialize in the treatment of ADHD. Together we can collaboratively put together a personalized treatment plan that will best help you with your treatment goals.

What Challenges Can ADHD Coaching & Psychotherapy Help Me With?

Do you need help with:

  • Consistently procrastinating and leaving important work until the last minute?
  • Organizing the thoughts in your head that seem to arrive at light-speed?
  • Dealing with persistent negative self-talk?
  • Feelings of isolation and being lonely?
  • Feeling socially awkward and/or disconnected from others?
  • Feelings of shame about your ADHD?
  • Utilizing self-defeating amounts of alcohol, drugs, hookup websites/apps, and/or unfulfilling sex?

ADHD Coaching & Psychotherapy Can Help!